Account Types & Setup FAQs

Any individual who maintains account with any commercial bank can open an equity trading account.

The Sahulat trading account is the optimal solution for resident Pakistani individuals who do not have salaried income, who are students, housewives, novice investors, or others who cannot fulfill stringent account opening requirements.

All you need is a valid CNIC/SNIC, an account with any commercial bank in Pakistan, and a registered mobile number in your name. It is especially attractive for investors who have never invested in the stock market and would like to start with a small amount and increase it gradually. 

Overseas Pakistanis can now invest in the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) through their Roshan Digital Account. This is an ideal opportunity for non-resident Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan’s capital market and benefit from the competitive returns on offer by PSX while participating in the growth of their native homeland’s economy.

Overseas Pakistanis can choose from a wide array of companies listed on the Exchange in several different sectors, build their investment portfolio and reap the potential rewards of investing in PSX.

You can open an account with as minimum as PKRs.1,000.

Yes, you can open your account with shares held within CDC Investor account or from CDC Sub account with any other broker.

Certainly, maintaining an email address is mandatory due to regulatory requirements. Alfalah CLSA Securities conducts all correspondence with customers through email, encompassing trade confirmations, periodic reports, and other essential communications.

No, it's completely up to you how often you would want to trade.

Alfalah CLSA Securities offers three types of Stock trading accounts to cater to the needs of every type of investor.

  1. Sahulat Equity Account
  2. Standard Equity Account
  3. Roshan Digital Equity Account

For seasoned investors seeking a more complete equities trading account that typically provides access to all markets, including Ready, Futures, and margin trading, the Standard Account is made for them.

A standard account often has a greater minimum deposit requirement than an easy account. Overall, for seasoned investors who are at ease with higher risks and desire access to a wider variety of trading options, the standard account might be a smart choice.

The account can be set up digitally as well as through physical form.

Digital Account Opening: Alfalah CLSA Securities facilitates the investor to remotely set up account through an entirely digital and online process with a basic set of information and limited documentation. You can start the process by clicking on the link

Manual Account Opening: Account opening form can be downloaded from our website Fill out the account opening form and email/dispatch the same back to us, duly signed on each page and where required by the applicant(s), together with the requisite documents as mentioned in the list of required documents.

It takes around two (2) working days to set up and activate the account if all the necessary documents are in order. The account can be set up digitally as well as in physical form. Please review the list of documents required to be uploaded/submitted for opening an account.

Yes, Alfalah CLSA Securities reserves the right to refuse any account without revealing the reason.

Once the account has been opened and the funds have been received and credited in your trading account, your account will be activated and you will be able to place orders.