Taxes & Fee FAQs

Sindh Sales Tax (“SST”) or Federal Excise Duty (“FED”) is charged by Government of Pakistan on trading of shares as well as on all Custodial services including CDC Sub account and NCCPL UIN maintenance fee @ 13%. On Trading > SST/FED is charged on commission amount.

  • For filer of income tax returns: 12.50%
  • For non-filers of income tax returns: 17.50%
  • On Bonus shares: 5.00% 

Registrar/Companies follow the “Active Tax Payer List” which is available at Federal Board of Revenue (“FBR”) website 

The National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (”NCCPL”) and Central Depositary Company (“CDC”) charges account maintenance fee on annual basis to all account holders maintaining UIN and CDC Sub account.

  • NCCPL  UIN  maintenance fee: Rs.150 per applicant per annum
  • CDC Sub account maintenance fee: Rs.400 per account per annum

The Government had imposed Capital Gains Tax (“CGT”) on shares holder. CGT is a separate and independent tax, which has no connection with your other incomes like salary or business. It is calculated based on the profit from dealing in shares. 

National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (“NCCPL”), has been mandated by FBR to compute, determine, collect and deposit CGT on disposal of listed securities. The Calculation of CGT amount is based on the methodology used by NCCPL which is available on their website.

CGT Slab

  • 15% on stocks held for less than a year
  • 12.5% on stocks which are held for more than a year but less than two years
  • 7.5% on stocks which are held for more than two years but less than four years
  • CGT is not applicable for holding over four years

A custody fee is levied against CDC eligible securities held in account. It is charged on the basis of number of days shares are held your account. 

Custody fee is charged at Rs.0.03 per annum of market value of shares


Where value of shares in custody is Rs.100,000

100,000 x 0.03% = Rs.30  (annually)


100,000 x 0.03% / 12 = Rs.2.50  (per month)

Zakat is payable on the cash dividends declared by the companies. Under the zakat law, shareholders/investors may claim exemption from compulsory deduction of zakat by providing the Zakat Declaration as mentioned below:

  • Form CZ-50 on PKR.50/- stamp paper (for Muslims) 
  • Solemn affirmation letter (for non-Muslims) 

Once the declaration is duly signed, you can either scan the document or take a clear photograph of it and return it to us via email. After processing your request, we will notify you regarding the updating of your zakat status in the CDC records.